3 years ago
Recently, I was out and about making street photos with my friend. At one particular moment, I saw this young woman sitting on the street curb all alone. When she looked up at me, I knew I had to snap my camera. My friend observed and later asked me what I saw in the girl whom he considered to be fat and thus unattractive. I told him that she had one of the most beautiful and genuine smiles I have ever seen. He told me I probably would be the only guy ever in the streets to take her picture. And this is why I love photographing simply because I get to challenge other people’s idea of beauty. Regardless of pressures from societal standards and the mass market, I like taking pictures of people whose natural essence attracts me, regardless of their size, height, style, skin color, etc. I often surprise and freak out some women in the streets, especially ones who have rarely been told that they are beautiful or that their image is forever-picture-worthy. I might not be able to change the world in a catastrophic way, but if I can simply help just one woman every once in a while to truly realize that she is beautiful, then I think I have a reason to stick around for the long run. Cite Arrow Bonae L’amour (via bonaelamour)
Cite Arrow via bonaelamour
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